Tell Me More Spanish Review

Tell Me More Spanish is a highly Spanish learning course that comes in various editions to suit your budget, time and desires. If you wish to become an absolute Spanish expert then you can’t look past the 10 Levels edition which is simply the most advanced Spanish learning package available. It costs around $400 and comes with a ton of information and resources including DVD-ROM, weekly current events exercises, online tests, 24/7 online learning advisor access and mp3 audio.

The core of this package is the speech recognition software which helps to teach you to speak correctly. This program goes beyond just using Flashcards, instead it provides total interaction where you can practice real world conversation skills. It is a very comprehensive curriculum that takes into account everything you must know to speak Spanish like a native. The speech recognition technology is the best I’ve seen as it’s very powerful and accurate. The software literally understands what you are saying then assesses how you say it. your mistakes can then be corrected on the your skills increase, Tell Me More Spanish grows with you. you can start with the beginner level program and then advance to the Performance editions that have 5 and 10 levels of learning so regardless of your current Spanish knowledge level you will gain increased skills.

Guided Mode is a novel way to start learning Spanish. This is where you select a lesson path and you can watch your progress. A diary is included in this learning mode and it lets you set daily goals. Setting these goals keeps you on track to learning and stops you from becoming discouraged. You can then match up your progress to your diary goals every time you log in.

Tell Me More Spanish is one of the leading Spanish learning programs available. The content is so extensive and well put together that you would be hard pressed to find a better solution. it is suitable for all levels including absolute beginners right up to people who speak Spanish well but wish to sharpen their skills. Don’t hesitate to buy this program as it truly is exceptional value for money.